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I help you boost your sales on Amazon.

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more about me

My name is Dave.
I’m a no-code lover.
Everyone has vices.
Mine is no-code and crypto.

This website is the gateway.
Fun is the exit.


It all started with an introduction to Bubble by kieran. Then Makerpad. Then Carrd. And Airtable. And Glide. And Adalo. And Webflow. And yes, all kinds of no-code tools you could have imagined.

My addiction spawned different clone projects for fun horacee, helloacqua, restauspeed, and a social network for me and my friends. My clone projects spawned a taste for tech challenges. This paved the way for me to join LaunchMBA. A program in which each participant commits to building 12 startups in 12 months. So I hope you'll hear from me several times over the next 12 months.

The no-code movement will get bigger. And bigger. If you are a no-coder, kudos buddy. If not, don't miss the train. Get on it and start shipping.

It's been a few months now but I'm still addicted. More than that, so to speak.
Jeff Bezos keeps telling Amazonians it's only day one.
So I'm not quitting anytime soon either.

La Soss

the results

Sossah and Co. Brands

Sossah and Co. Brands is on a mission to offer a better quality of highly demanded products for back pain sufferers with the best possible service.

Our main brand is constantly among the 20 bestselling products in its category on Amazon Italy.


Amazecode lets shoppers find great deals on Amazon. Find great products at discounted prices!

It helps sellers launch products in a successful way in order to grow their sales on Amazon using promotional giveaways.


RaviFan is a remote video capturing platform for e-commerce brands to collect video testimonials from their raving fans.

Share a unique link with your customers. We make it frictionless for them to leave you a video review.

If they love what you do, let them tell the world.

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Let's talk.